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Imagine being a BSB rider for the day. The money, the brolly girls, the adoring fans! No Track-Pro can't provide them, but we can provide the same level of totally focussed support that those riders get from their teams every day. From the 100% professional bike preparation and hassle free logistical solutions to the one on one de-brief and technical input in the garage. All you have to do is turn up, ride and tell us where you think the bike and you could be better. We can even liaise with on-track instructors, usually current professional racers, on your behalf. We are sure that many riders would benefit from a little guidance in setting up their bike, as they do from following the instructor on circuit. For you, as with most people, your bike is a significant investment and we would like to maximise the return on that by helping you get the most out of it. 


The primary aim at Track-Pro is to help you take more from your riding experience, and what better way of empowering you to acheive that than to give you the 5 star treatment for a day. This service comes at a premium, but with the unadulterated attention over the course of the day you should still be experiencing the benefits many laps in the future.


Call Simon at Track-Pro on +44 (0)7876 637551 to discuss ways to experience the ultimate track day support experience.