At Track-Pro we have a range of services to suit all levels of riding ability and budget. However our primary objective is to improve your riding experience by improving your bike.


Below you will find a list of services we offer. Not all will be applicable to your situation, your needs are as individual as you, but we should be able to tailor a package to suit. We don't offer a menu style service as everyone's circumstances are different. We will offer a quotation, based on an honest appraisal of your requirements. Should you wish to upgrade once the job is in hand then don't worry, flexibility has to be characteristic of any track based operation!


The first 3 categories detail services based on the type of rider you are, then on the next page you will find general services applicable to all bikes. However, if you can't find what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us.



We can undertake all of the work below to most makes and models of bike. As well as enhancing the bike's ability on track the benefits will be felt all the time, making that Sunday morning ride with your mates all the more enjoyable!
  • Full service.
  • Safety check.
  • Basic track day preparation - lock wire sump plug, sticky tyres etc.
  • Brake upgrade - hoses, pads, upgrade disc and calipers.
  • Suspension service, set up or upgrade.
  • Crash protector fitment.
  • Rear sets, clip ons etc.


To build a dedicated trackday bike it is best to start with a machine designed with high performance in mind - CBR-R, GSX-R, ZXR etc. More performance parts and accessories are available for these bikes and there is less work involved in ergonomics etc. to make it an effective trackday weapon! However, ANY bike can be transformed with a bit of creativity, so feel free to challenge us!


  • Build from new.
  • Ground up transformation from road bike to trackday bike.
  • Refresh or refurbish new purchases. We will check your new bike and ensure it is safe, straight and fit for purpose.
  • Brake upgrade - hoses, pads, upgrade disc and calipers.
  • Suspension service, set up or upgrade. Replacement forks, shock etc.
  • Rear sets, clip ons etc.
  • Pattern bodywork. 
  • Lighter wheels.
  • Power upgrades if applicable.*
  • Crash protectors etc.

* It may not be possible to offer engine upgrades on all models. Please see separate section "TUNING" on our General Workshop Services page.


Track-Pro regret that they cannot turn your CBR600 into an RCV213, or turn you into Casey Stoner for that matter! Genetic modification is one of the few services we don't offer...


However, we can build you a race bike equal to the likes of Shakey's or Tommy Hill's if you desire. Depending on the championship you wish to compete in, Track-Pro will check the regulations in force and build a bike to your budget. Starting either with your bike, or a donor bike, we will build a competetive machine tailored to your level. This can then be upgraded should you wish to move to a different class or progress to the next level of competition.


  • Club racing.
  • MRO / Thundersports.
  • British Championship Motostar / Moto3, Junior Superstock, 1000 Superstock, Supersports.
  • BSB Evo.
  • Bespoke service based on indivudual requirements. Championship regulations may limit choice of components (control ECU's etc.).
  • Maintenance packages available.