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At Track-Pro we offer the full range of workshop facilities. We are able to completely strip, clean, check and re-assemble your bike in a clean, organised environment. This ensures nothing is overlooked or left to chance. Additionally we provide specialist services via our network of trusted suppliers. From one-off machined parts to bespoke electronics packages, we have the experience to choose tried and tested solutions for you.  


Track-Pro are not tuners in the accepted sense. With modern superbikes making 180 bhp plus, we think there is more to be gained by improving response and ridability, with maybe a power commander and slip-on exhaust cans. We can if requested undertake engine tuning work on behalf of customers via specialist companies. The removal and re-fitting of the engine and setting up can be carried out by us and we are happy to offer advice before you decide on what path to take.


Air filter and exhaust system upgrades can yield big improvements in maximum bhp and ridability, while also contributing to a healthy weight loss programme. Catalytic converters can be removed or just a "slip-on" silencer will improve both looks and performance.


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With most modern sports motorcyles being fuel injected, there has never been a more direct route to altering your bike's performance. For road bikes, Dynojet Power Commanders improve throttle response and even fuel economy. They are vital when replacing air filters or exhausts.


Dedicated trackday bikes can be fitted with add-on boxes to provide traction control, anti-wheelie, quick shifters and gear indicators. Even push button gear change systems are available, as used by some disabled riders. "Kit" ECU's and wiring harnesses are available for some top line sports bikes, and these allow you to easily remove all lights, indicators etc. while retaining the original loom if you wish to put your bike back on the road.


For the full-on race bike the options are nearly endless! Electronics packages from Motec, Cosworth and Marelli are available at a price and would require a bespoke wiring harness with autosport connectors. However, you would be surprised what can be achieved with the standard system, particularly with some sports bikes now coming as standard with multi mode ignition and traction control.


Data aquisition or logging can be fitted to any bike and, again, there are many options available. From a simple stand alone lap timer to full data logging systems with dedicated dash readout and video capability, the choice will depend on budget and proposed use. Track-Pro will fit the system of your choice, if it is compatible with the rest of the electronics package, install the software on your laptop and offer tuition on it's use.


As usual Track-Pro can discuss your requirements and offer a solution based on proposed use and budget.


Track time is hard on your bike. As an example, for every hour on track a BSB superbike will require 3 to 4 hours work back in the garage or workshop. While this is an extreme example, even the beginner's bike will be subjected to more hard work in an hour on track then in a week of day to day riding. Track-Pro know this and offer a scheduled maintenance programme based on how long you ride, how often you ride and how hard you ride. It is easy to keep an eye on visible things such as tyres and brake pads. However a lot of the unseen components take a hammering as well. It is not uncommon for a race bike to crack swinging arms and frames due to the extra stress induced by slick tyres and harder suspension.


Let Track-Pro take the worry out of it for you. Call to discuss how we ensure your bike is in tip-top condition every time you ride it.


Accidents happen. Fact. No matter how smooth, experienced, fast, careful, confident or prepared you are, at some stage if you ride on track you will crash. You may be really unlucky and get tangled up in someone else's accident. The end result is the same - one damaged bike.


At Track-Pro we can help take some of the pain out of the experience. Hopefully, we will have prepped it, so crash protectors etc. will have minimised the damage. Believe it or not, the bike in the picture could be back on track the next day. In racing, seemingly total write-offs are wheeled out for the next session in a matter of hours, sometimes after complete chassis changes. The key to success in this is knowing what usually breaks and what doesn't. We have a lot of experience looking at bikes and ascertaining at a glance whether they can be saved or not. Let us take the guess work out of your repair job. With expert knowledge on where to source cost effective replacement parts and the facilities to rigorously check all the important components, we can guarantee that the next time you take to the track your bike will be as good as new. 


We contract out all of our paintwork. Custom designs, replicas or stealth matt black, whatever you choose can be applied by professional painters before the bodywork is fitted to the bike. Why not have a spare set (always a good idea!) done at the same time - it will dramatically reduce the cost. Ask for a quotation.


Labour rates.

Labour carried out in the workshop is charged out at £35.00 per hour. We will endeavour to offer an accurate estimate of cost before work is undertaken and will inform you should we find anything extra that we feel warrants our attention before we carry out the work! This way we try to avoid any nasty surprises. 


For bigger jobs such as bike builds, we will offer a written quotation valid for 30 days. It may be necessary sometimes to invoice on an interim basis to cover any substantial sub-contract work to ensure any delivery guarantees are met. 


Payment in full is required before the machines are delivered back to you or collected, unless agreed beforehand.


Track-Pro are not VAT registered.